4400 – 60 & 90 kVA, AC Ground Power Unit

4400 60 & 90 kVA Ground Power Unit

The new Hobart 4400 provides a quiet, fuel efficient apron power system. The Hobart 4400 is a mobile, diesel powered GPU that’s ideal for supplying power to all aircraft at places wherever you need an independent external power source. Hobart 4400 units are easy to move, remarkably tough and supremely reliable.


The new low profile design, mounted on a towable trailer with fifth wheel steering, makes this ultra reliable engine driven GPU easy to maneuver around the congested apron areas of modern airports. Due to the low weight of the GPU, you can tow it around even with small towing equipment thus reducing the total cost of ownership.


The low fuel consumption of the Hobart 4400 family results in big savings on your fuel costs as well as reducing harmful engine emissions.


The weatherproof canopy is made of medium density polyethylene that can withstand just about any impact, and is fully recyclable. This tough canopy can withstand collision damage and chemical spills at operating temperature. It is also resistant to UV light and will maintain its smart
appearance throughout its service life. The cable storage trays are made of the same material, and also act as protective bumpers, with the benefit that they will never corrode if scratched. In the event of major damage, it is very easy to replace the canopy or cable trays. The
canopy is designed with rounded edges that are safer for operators as well as reducing the risk of damaging aircraft, vehicles or other apron equipment in the event of collision.

Last but not least, the double skin canopy serves as noise dampening insulation, keeping operations quiet and helping ensure a better working environment.



As one of the most advanced GPUs in the market, the Hobart 4400 is available in a dual voltage AC/DC version. The Hobart 4400 is capable of delivering 400 Hz and regulated 28.5 VDC power, simultaneously and independently! The 28.5 V Active Rectifier Unit (ARU), available as a standard option, delivers superior voltage quality at the aircraft plug without jeopardizing the 400 Hz voltage. It goes without saying that the Hobart 4400 will power your aircraft, whether a narrow body or a turbo prop, wherever you need it, whenever you need it!

4400 Features

Engine 4400 July 2015

  • Cummins QSB4.5 diesel engine operating at 2000 RPM
  • Tier 3 / EU Stage 3A compliant
  • Turbocharged 4-stroke, inline 4 cylinder common rail fuel system
  • Full application approval by Cummins
  • 24 VDC battery system
  • Electronic governor system (via the engine’s ECM)
  • Intake manifold pre-heater for cold weather starting
  • HP 171 (90 kVA), HP 130 (60kVA)

Engine Protection

  • Low oil pressure shutdown
  • High coolant temperature shutdown
  • Low coolant level shutdown
  • Intake air restriction indication
  • Low fuel warning


  • Operating temperature: -32°C to +52°C (-25°F to +125°F)
  • Relative humidity: 10-95% non condensing
  • No altitude derating required up to 3,000 meters (10,000 ft.) when running in normal operating range


  • Continuous rating: 60 kVA (48 kW) 90 kVA 72 kW, 3 phase, 4 wire, 115/200 V
  • Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-704F, SAE ARP5015A and ISO 6858 power quality requirements
  • Line drop compensation assures proper voltage at aircraft plug

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 2615 mm (103”)
  • Width: 1682 mm (66.2”)
  • Height: 1622 mm (63.9”)
  • 2100 kgs (4600 lbs.) dry weight for a 90 kVA Unit with ARU and cables


  • White canopy Black cable trays
  • Galvanized chassis
  • Other colors possible on request


  • Icon based ITW GSE user interface
  • 5 button directional menu arrow keypad
  • Language selection
  • Simple operation / status / prompts
  • Setup functions
  • Engine data
  • Output power data
  • Fault data
  • Memory recall

Electrical Characteristics

  • Voltage regulation: 1% no load to full load
  • Voltage adjustment: 15 volts
  • Max. line drop compensation: 5%
  • Individual harmonic distortion: <1% of the fundamental (RMS) voltage
  • Total harmonic distortion: <2% of the fundamental (RMS) voltage
  • Voltage & frequency transients meet MIL-STD-704F, SAE ARP5015, and ISO 6858
  • Phase voltage balance not to exceed 1% on a 3-phase balanced load and does not exceed 4% with 33% unbalanced load
  • Frequency regulation: 2 Hz steady rate


  • Per MIL-STD-704F, SAE ARP5015, and ISO 6858
  • Over / under voltage
  • Over / under frequency
  • Overload > 125% rated load for 5 minutes

Standard Features

  • ITW GSE designed and manufactured alternator
  • ITW GSE User interface
  • Fifth wheel steering
  • Low load shut down
  • 200 L fuel tank with at least 8 hours run time at rated load
  • Fork lift pockets
  • Tow bar with parking brake
  • Sliding canopy for ease of access


  • 28.5 VDC Active rectifier (simultaneous operation with 400 Hz), 600 amps continuous, 2000 amps peak
  • Unit operating beacon
  • Low fuel beacon
  • Clearance lights
  • Block heater
  • Battery blanket
  • Second 400 Hz output
  • DIN40 towing eye
  • Military Interlock
  • Towbar Interlock
  • Tie down rings


  • EPA Tier 3/CARB Tier 3
  • EU Stage 3A
  • MIL-STD-704F, SAE ARP5015 and ISO 6858
  • BS2G219
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
  • CE certified