Ground Power – 28.5V DC Solid State Rectifiers by Hobart

Ground Power Units manufactured by Hobart to provide 28.5V DC to Hangars or for ramp use

Hobart ground power manufactures the most reliable solid state DC gpu in the industry. It is not uncommon to see a GPU 400 or GPU 600 that has been in service for over 20 years. The durability and long life have made these ground power units the favorite of general aviation operators, fixed base operators and any other general aviation organization that requires a 28.5V DC power supply.

A reason these ground power units are so popular is due to the precise voltage regulation that is provided. A steady power supply is a key safety feature for your very expensive asset. Electronic aircraft controls are very sensitive and costly to repair; why would you risk using any other machine on the market. Before you take the chance on a battery cart or un-regulated ground power unit, ask yourself if the risk is worth the minor initial savings you might achieve. With two output configurations, you can find a Hobart GPU that fits your aircraft’s needs.

The GPU 400 and GPU 600 ground power units are manufactured to be weather resistant and compact; this way they take up little space in your hangar and can withstand the elements when being used outside. Powder coated sheet metal panels provide great protection from rust and corrosion. These ground power units can also be mounted on passenger loading bridges or on a very maneuverable trailer system that can be moved by hand. The meters and indicators are easy to read, intuitive and very accurate. The controls are also very easy to use. Click on the links below to find out more about these great ground power units.

GPU 400 Hobart Ground Power Unit


28.5V D.C. Solid State Ground Power Unit (up to 1600A)

GPU 600 Hobart Ground Power Unit


28.5V D.C. Solid State Ground Power Unit (up to 2000A)