Rebuilt Ground Power Equipment – GPU Refurbishing

For over 35 years, Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. has been an authorized distributor and service center for Hobart Ground Power equipment. We have a staff of technicians that average over 15 years of industry experience, servicing and rebuilding Hobart ground power equipment. One of our most requested products is our rebuilt ground power equipment and that is due to the quality of the rebuild, performance of the equipment and the longevity of operation.

Engine Repair/Overhaul – GPU Refurbishing

Engine before GPU refurbishingEngine after GPU refurbishing

GPU Engine Overhaul

When evaluating a machine that has been selected for GPU refurbishing, our staff starts with an engine inspection. A visual inspection is completed to assure that there is no damage or oil leaks. A compression test is then performed on each cylinder of the engine. If the compression test fails, the engine is either deemed unsuitable for use or it is removed and rebuilt by a well-respected local engine rebuild center in Atlanta, GA.

The radiator on each machine is pressure washed to remove any debris and build-up from the coils and fins, assuring that there is proper air flow through the radiator. The radiator is then flushed and new hoses are used for the re-installation.

The exhaust system is disassembled and sandblasted to remove any rust that may be present. Once the metal is clean, a high-temperature paint is applied to the surface of the exhaust manifold and muffler assembly. This procedure is more than cosmetic; the muffler system on the Hobart ground power equipment is custom made and proper protection from corrosion can reduce long-term maintenance costs for your equipment.

All engine protection and monitoring systems such as the temperature and oil pressure sensors are tested and or replaced to ensure proper operation.

Hobart Generator Repair/Overhaul

before Hobart generator repairafter Hobart generator repair

Hobart Generator Overhaul

A Hobart generator rebuild is performed on all refurbished ground power equipment at Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. The Hobart generator is the heart of your Hobart ground power unit and the most expensive component in the system. The rebuild begins with the disassembly of the generator and thorough cleaning of all components.

The main failure point on a Hobart generator is the generator bearings and they are one of the least expensive, but most important wear items in the assembly. Stator and exciter bearings are replaced on every generator rebuild to ensure a long life for the generator assembly. All winding and exciter leads are checked for continuity and to make sure they are free of any shorts.

Coil wraps can become damaged over time due to wear from generator vibration or age. All coils are cleaned and rewrapped. Exciter diodes are checked for proper operation and replaced if they are damaged or exhibit any corrosion.

Engine couplers are also inspected for any damage to the flex plates or fan assembly and those parts are replaced as needed.

Electronic Assembly Repair/Overhaul

before Hobart GPU Repairafter Hobart GPU repair

Electronic Assembly Overhaul

If the generator is the heart of your ground power unit, then the electronic assembly is the brains. Hobart has engineered their ground power equipment with the best systems protections and safety features in the industry. One important component of a high-quality GPU rebuild is assuring that these systems are working properly and have not been by-passed in their previous life due to un-safe repair practices.

The electronic assembly is disassembled, sand-blasted and painted to eliminate any corrosion that may be present. Any wiring or terminal connections that are corroded or damaged are then repaired or replaced. If any of the wiring has been replaced previously and does not match the original color in the wiring diagrams, this wiring will also be replaced to match the original specification. Hobart divides their protection circuits into modular trays that can be removed for easy repair. MCP has developed a test system for each of these components to test for their proper operation during several different load conditions. Each modular section is disassembled, cleaned, painted and repaired to meet Hobart ground power’s original production specifications.

Each GPU control board is inspected for component damage, corrosion and proper operation and replaced as needed. When completed, the rebuilt electronic assembly assures that you have the most reliable power supply available. You will also have the following operating protections:

  • Over Frequency
  • Under Frequency
  • Over Voltage
  • Under Voltage
  • Over Load
  • Proper Phase Rotation
  • Over Speed

GPU Exterior Repair/Overhaul

before rebuilt gpuafter rebuilt gpu

Exterior Overhaul

An MCP refurbished ground power unit is stripped to the frame during the first stages of the rebuild process. The frame and axles are all sanded and receive a coat of primer and new paint. All of the sheet metal canopy components are sent to a local company to receive a bead blast to bare sheet metal and then receive a powder-coat paint treatment. This process is more costly than some, but it ensures that you receive a machine with paint that will last a very long time.

The machine shown in the images to the right also received a set of MCP fabricated fenders/cable trays. These cable trays were made from durable diamond-plate aluminum that are corrosion resistant and look great even after heavy ramp usage.

Some of our rebuilt GPU’s, such as the Jet-Ex and GPU-400/GPU-600, receive new UV resistant control panel decals with crisp new lettering. All warning decals and safety reflectors are placed on the machines to provide additional safety reminders to personnel using the ground power equipment.

Once received, your refurbished GPU will carry a 6 month warranty on replacement parts along with the comfort of knowing that you can contact us at anytime in the future for free trouble-shooting support and problem diagnosis.

Slideshow – Typical Rebuild Project