Ground Power Repair Services – Hobart Ground Power

GPU-600 Ground Power Repair

Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. is the only certified and authorized Hobart Ground Power repair service center in the United States. We have been providing support for Hobart Ground Power equipment for more than 35 years and typically average 150 customer equipment repairs per year in our Atlanta, GA facility. All of our technicians have received dealer and manufacturer technical training and average 15 years of industry experience.

Service Center Ground Power Repair

Service Bay for Ground Power Repair

MCP is the home of the largest Hobart Ground Power service center in the world. Each technician works within their own dedicated service bay area. All service bays have various input voltages available for testing of equipment at certain configurations. Service bays are designed to accommodate either equipment refurbishment, new equipment preparation or customer equipment repairs.

All technicians have access to load test equipment, test bench setups for certain components, specialized industry tools and a complete library of support material for Hobart Ground Power equipment.

On-Site Ground Power Repair

If your service requirement includes on-site support, we are happy to travel to your location to perform those repairs. For shorter distance, we deploy our technician with a vehicle that carries an inventory of common Hobart Ground Power replacement parts as well as test equipment. If your distance from us prohibits this type of travel, we can fly into your location equipped with a custom replacement parts group that has been assembled based on discussions about your specific service issues.

MCP offers hourly and discounted daily rates for on-site repair services.

Trouble-shooting and Technical Phone Support

If you our your service personnel feel comfortable providing the labor to repair your machine, we also offer free support service via the telephone. Our experienced trouble-shooters can typically provide enough information to get you to the solution of your service problem and then ship any replacement items overnight if necessary. It is likely that the problem you are experiencing can be repaired quickly and inexpensively with a phone call to our service staff.

Ground Power Equipment Overhaul/Refurbishment

Do you have an aging fleet of Hobart Ground Power equipment and lack the capital to replace it with new machines? MCP offers a refurbishment program that will take your equipment to like-new condition. When you ship your equipment in for evaluation, we will provide a quotation for the service along with an offer price for trade-in or purchase of your equipment. If you decide to proceed with the overhaul, we will follow a process that we have honed over our 35 years of rebuilding Hobart Ground Power equipment back to their original condition. For more information on our process, please click here.