Ground Power Unit by Hobart – 400Hz AC, Engine Powered

Ground power unit manufactured by Hobart with a 400Hz AC output powered by Cummins diesel engine

The Hobart ground power unit is certainly the most recognized GPU brand in the aviation industry. This reputation was built by providing the highest quality ground power unit available and designing protection circuitry that is unmatched. A diesel powered Hobart ground power unit gives you a 400Hz AC power supply that is completely mobile in areas where you don’t have then necessary power requirements for a solid state machine.

A Hobart 400Hz AC GPU contains a Hobart designed and manufactured dual bearing generator and a reliable Cummins manufactured diesel engine. This ground power unit was designed to last for a very long time; the canopy system uses powder coated panels that are weather resistant, corrosion resistant and very durable. The fender system offers protection and storage for your output cables.

Equipment and personnel protection are the prevailing requirements to any Hobart engineered GPU. These GPU’s offer lost neutral detection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over frequency protection, under frequency protection, low oil pressure shut down, high coolant temperature shut down, low coolant level shutdown and intake air restriction indication. They also provide the best voltage regulation available in then industry for an engine powered GPU. They all conform to the following specifications as well: MIL-STD-704F & SAE ARP5015A.

The 400Hz AC generators are also highly configurable and can meet almost any operational requirements. Beacons can be installed to indicate when the machine is running or when the machine needs fuel. Dual AC outputs can be utilized or you can choose to add a 28.5V DC output so that your GPU can service a broader range of aircraft. These GPU’s can be fix mounted on a vehicle, stationary mounted or come equipped with a fifth wheel style trailer assembly that provides great maneuverability.



400Hz A.C. Diesel Engine Powered Ground Power Unit – 60kVA