Ground Power Units by Hobart – 400Hz AC, Solid State

Ground power units manufactured by Hobart to provide 400Hz AC power from a solid state frequency converter

Ground power units designed and manufactured by Hobart ground power are well sought after. Their solid-state frequency converter models offer a reliable 400Hz AC power supply to customers with a 3-phase input power available. These machines are very light, highly configurable, extremely quiet and easy to use.

When choosing a frequency converter for your facility, one main concern should be the safety of your assets and your personnel. Hobart GPU’s are designed with safety at the forefront and offer the following standard protection features: over voltage, under voltage, phase loss, over frequency, under frequency, overload, short circuit, over temperature, internal voltage error, neutral voltage loss and NEMA 4 enclosures.

The newest addition to Hobart’s line of AC ground power units is the 2400 series. The 2400 provides a 400% overload, which is the best in the industry by far. Weighing in at 683 pounds and measuring as small as 22 inches x 24 inches by 45.3 inches, this frequency converter is the most compact and lightest in the industry. If you are looking for 400Hz power up to 90 kVA, the 2400 series is the best and most affordable in the industry. Take a look at the individual ground power units below to find out more about Hobart’s great line of solid-state frequency converters.

30SX240 Hobart Ground Power Units


400Hz A.C. Solid State Frequency Converter – 30kVA

45SX240 Hobart Ground Power Units


400Hz A.C. Solid State Frequency Converter – 45kVA

60SX240 Hobart Ground Power Units


400Hz A.C. Solid State Frequency Converter – 60kVA

90SX240 Ground Power Units


400Hz A.C. Solid State Frequency Converter – 90kVA

140SX200 Ground Power Units


400Hz A.C. Solid State Frequency Converter – 140kVA

180SX200 Ground Power Units


400Hz A.C. Solid State Frequency Converter – 180kVA