Hobart GPU – 28.5V DC Engine Powered Hobart GPU’s

Hobart GPU’s with Cummins diesel engines that provide 28.5V DC Power

The JetEx line of hobart ground power equipment was first introduced in the late 1960’s with the original Jet-Ex I. This machine has evolved through several iterations over the past few decades, but one thing has remained the same – The Hobart JetEx line of diesel powered 28.5V equipment is still the industry leader.

Several features of the Jet Ex contribute to their role as industry leader, but one of the most important technologies is the precise voltage regulation that is provided by the Jet Ex. A steady power supply is a key safety feature for your very expensive asset. Electronic aircraft controls are very sensitive and costly to repair; why would you risk using any other machine on the market. With two output configurations, you can find a Hobart GPU that fits your aircraft’s needs.

If you need a diesel powered Hobart GPU, the Jet-Ex line is the best fit for operational reliability, long-term cost control and long product life. Both models of this Hobart GPU provide a long list of available options so that you can configure your Hobart GPU to your operations specifications. Beacons are available to signal your ramp personnel that the machine is running or that the fuel tank is getting low. This Hobart GPU can be fix mounted in place, on a vehicle or trailer mounted. The addition of forklift pockets can also add some additional handling options for your facility.

Both Hobart GPUs are also powered by the very reliable Cummins manufactured diesel engines. The displays and instrumentation are easy to see and very intuitive. Controls are also very intuitive and easy to use. With pushbutton controls, you literally have power at your fingertips. Click on the links below to discover more information about these terrific Hobart GPUs.

Hobart GPU - Jet Ex 6D by Hobart Ground Power

Jet-Ex 6D Hobart GPU

28.5V D.C. Diesel Engine Powered Ground Power Unit (up to 2,000A)


Jet-Ex 8D Hobart GPU

28.5V D.C. Diesel Engine Powered Ground Power Unit (up to 2000A)