Hobart releases the new 2400 400Hz Frequency Converter


Benefits of the New Hobart PoWerMaster 2400

  • 400% Overload
  • Unique Voltage Quality
  • Clean Input Power
  • Extremely Easy Operation and Set-up
  • Maximum Personal Safety
  • Can Supply All Types of Aircraft, Including: A380, A350 & B787
  • Easy Access for Cable Connection & Vital Components

The Hobart 2400 provides up to 400% overload!

Hobart 2400 frequency converters provide a powerful power source in a very compact configuration; the cabinet dimensions are only 44.1″ x 22.4″ x 22.1″ for all output ratings. The Hobart 2400 is a true Power Factor 1 ground power unit that allows for 400% overload which means that it can be used for all types of aircraft from the small ones up to the largest aircraft (A380), plus future aircraft with even larger inrush currents.


Intuitive Controls and Easy Setup

Hobart introduces “Plug & Play” technology with the new 2400 to provide a unique voltage quality at the aircraft plug. Simply connect the auto calibration plug and the frequency converter will automatically resolve the line drop compensation for the output cable. The new controls provide a very intuitive menu system and a crisp LCD display. The one-touch start/stop control makes it easy for any operator to use the equipment.

Take a closer look at the new model

Written by Nathan Hipps

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