The NEW 2300 Series Solid-State Frequency Converters

The New 2300 series frequency converter packs a ton of great features into the smallest package ever!

2300-vertThe standard 2300 configured with an output of 90 kVA weighs only 728 lbs and measures 22″L x 25″W x 46″H. This super compact frequency converter can be mounted horizontally or vertically to be stationary, bridge or trailer mounted. Adding a 28.5V D.C. output only increases the height of the machine by 13″ and 220 lbs. 12-pulse input rectification is also standard on all 2300 series machines.

The updated control interface on the 2300 series provides intuitive operation of the frequency converter. All of the user information is available via the digital display and can be navigated with a push-button control screen. Simple on/off buttons make the machine easy to operate and the digital read-out shows you exactly how the machine is performing.

Get the most for your energy dollar

The 2300 series is the most efficient frequency converter produced by Hobart Ground Power. 60 and 90kVA machines have an overall efficiency of 0.94 and the 30 and 45kVA machines have a efficiency of 0.93. These machines provide a 1.0 Power Factor support for B787 and A380 aircraft and can automatically calibrate its LDC settings using the optional “Auto Calibration Plug.”

Modular Design and Highly Configurable

The 2300 series frequency converter can be configured to fit any application. Vertical, horizontal, loading bridge and trailer mount configurations allow you to put the power where you need it. The compact size and light weight increase the mounting configurations more than any other equipment on the market.
Below are some of the options that are available on the 2300 series:

  • Dual 400Hz A.C. Outputs
  • 28.5V D.C. as a 2nd Output
  • Standard Mounting Kits for Passenger Loading Bridge and Trailer
  • Remote Operator Station
  • Lockable Door
  • Door Interlock
  • Cover for Operator Control Panel
  • RS422/RS485 Communication Port
  • TCP/IP Interface
  • Additional 13.6″ Stationary Mounting Base
  • Output Terminal Extensions for Two 7 Conductor Cables
  • Broken Neutral Detection
  • GPU Interlock
  • Plug Insertion Interlock
  • Military E&F Interlock
  • Service Tool

Check out the 2300 Series Ground Power Unit in More Detail!

Written by Nathan Hipps

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